QO-100 Majordomo List

How to do this?
Be member of the Majordome group QO-100

You send an E-Mail to: Majordomo@qo100sat.de  !! TEXT formatted !! Empty Subject, and text subscribe talk-qo100sat-de in message field

Next step: you will receive a mail, if you sent it before and you realy want to take part of qo-100 group do the following:

Take this auth code (only this row) and send it back to the sender email (remember the TEXT formatted email). Now you are member of this group

Now you can send an e-mail to talk@qo100sat.de, and all the members can read your message. 😀

If you want to leave this group, you have to send another e-mail as described above with the text: unsubscribe talk-qo100sat-de. Please be patient: you have to format this mail also as Text and not as HTML formatted design!