Hamradio Page - DL4DAC (QO-100, Shortwave, Digital Mobile)

"Hamspirit" is a term often used within the amateur radio community to describe the guiding principles and values that amateur radio operators, also known as "hams," strive to uphold. The concept of hamspirit encompasses qualities such as cooperation, respect, self-improvement, and service to the community. It emphasizes the pursuit of knowledge, the sharing of information, and the fostering of goodwill and friendship among fellow amateur radio operators worldwide. Hamspirit promotes ethical behavior, adherence to regulations, and the advancement of the radio communication hobby for the greater benefit of society.


@home i am using ICOM TRX IC-9700, IC-7300 and some Handheld Digital Radios


Systemadminstrator 2nd/3rd Lvl Support for Windows Server System.

play with ..

 Lora Boards, for receiving and transmitting APRS messages, some Digital modes like Wires.X, DMR, D-STAR and NXDN. SSTV, PSK31 .. and so on

What is going on ....

Working, have fun in life. Meeting a lot of nice peoples. Enjoy the sunny weather ;)