QO-100 - Collection Welcome Page

The original idea was to create a personal QO-100 collection for me. 
But I can present some interesting things about the QO-100 satellite, maybe you are interested in, too.


@home i am using ICOM TRX IC-9700, Kuhne Up and Downlink Converter into a 85cm dish with Bamatech Feed


For shortwave i am using my IC-7300 with two different antennas. WIndom Antenna for 40m, 20m, 10m and 6m. The other one is an endfeeded antenne with perfect match thru tuner on all other bands

play with ..

 Lora Boards, for receiving and transmitting APRS messages, some Digital modes like Wires.X, DMR, D-STAR and NXDN. SSTV, PSK31 .. and so on

What is going on ....

just building my portable QO-100 station for the next holidays in 2022. Most of time we are on any camp site through Europe, but  in the moment, covid situation, we aren't leaving DL. 


Building an Majordomo E-Mail list on topic QO-100. So you can meet other interested Hams / SWL's via E-Mail an discuss actually problems / questions